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Scaffolding Training


Course summary

After completion of this course clients are able to:

  • Specify the final needs of Frame, Clamp, and the system of Scaffolding.
  • Confirm the particular scaffolding safety rules and regulations regarding the enlargement and clamping of a tube and its system.
  • Confirmcertain steps one should take concerning the safe enlargement of the setup f whole system.
  • Determinethe basic things to contemplate an activity scaffolding service examination.
  • Specify the main components of OSHA’s Regulation 29 CFR part Scaffolding.


Gravity skills offer scaffolding training courses in Qatar which covers Scaffolding Competent Person Course could be a pair of a day course. Initially he lectures specialize in with the initial day that specialize in the wants for frame, tube and clamp and system’s system.

The following topics are to be covered:

  • Acknowledgement of hazards regarding all types of scaffold.
  • The right procedures to reduce and manage those hazards.
  • The character and importance of any kind of electrical hazards, fall hazards and falling objects hazards
  • The proper procedures of managing near electrical instruments, power lines and right protection of enlargement of systems for associate safety.
  • Correct handling of scaffold materials and their correct application of these materials.
  • Most loading of scaffolds and its capabilities and capacities.
  • Supervising the procedure of enlargement and repair and scaffold system and examination.
  • Identification of assorted scaffold check points & safety issues.
  • Correct procedures for moving, reassembling, repairing and building scaffolds.
  • Chaining worksite conditions as they highly concern to scaffolds.
  • Quality and expertise in scaffold construction, repairing and its inspections.


Performance Objectives

Follow authority standards while operatingscaffold materials:

  • Define supported system
  • List coaching topics needed for supported system
  • List responsibilities of scaffold expert.

Safely access supported system

  • List safe access ways
  • Select the foremost common access ways
  • Recall the necessity to increase ladders three feet on top of the highest of the platform they are leaning against
  • Describe the three-point climb
  • Identify the utmost ramp slope angle allowed by authority
  • Agree that ramps or walkways on top of six feet from the bottom should have guardrails
  • Define a stairs tower
  • Agree to examine daily access

Recognize the danger of rise of a cross brace

Work safely around and on scaffolds

  • List sensible work techniques
  • Identify needs of toe-board
  • Describe scrap nets
  • Recall what to try and do if there is any danger of severe objects falling
  • Agree to wear a safety hard cap at construction sites to avoid falling objects

Use safety techniques to avoid falling from scaffolds

  • State the peak at that authority needs fall protection
  • Select the gap on top of walking surfaces that needs guardrails
  • Describe however a lifeline works
  • Identify the scaffold knowledgeable because the one that decides whether or not or to not use PFAs once construction or activity scaffolds


Properly assemble supported system

  • Define the utmost supposed Load
  • Identify the aim of screw jacks
  • Explain why minimum of one screw jacks are set in from very cheap setting
  • Identify the aim of victimization mud sills
  • Recall the danger of victimization of different materials as mud sills
  • Determine if it is acceptable to combine system elements

Target Audience

The Scaffold safety training course is primarily centered to show essential skills with hands on to be followed by scaffolds, system supervisors, foremen, safety officers, safety engineers & all other relevant personnel World Health Organizations. They are needed to figure out system operations for better understanding of the system.

Value accessorial

  • Refreshments
  • Lunch
  • Registration
  • Examination Entry Fees
  • Comprehensive Course Notes
  • Certificate (on productive completion)

In house coaching

This course may also be lectured in house for up to fifteen persons per course by custom arrangements.


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