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Course Overview:

The Basic Firefighting Courses covers essential setups of fire and safety training associated with National Fireplace Protection Association (NFPA) USA standards and International business fireplace Fighting Protocols and Techniques. Gravity skills offer basic courses primarily designed to cover the knowledge about fire safety training. Our course methodology is not only restricted to theoretical interpretation of firefighting techniques though we are keen to specialize in demonstration of live firefighting training through different exercises and practical demonstrations. The well designed course delivered by expert teachers are designed especially to meet the needs of current standards of different firefighting organization.


Basic fireplace Fighting coaching could be a basic course with no pre-requisites needed.


Course Content

This Basic Firefighting course covers all aspects of firefighting from interference and detection to extinguishment. Positive stress is applied to motivate the clients on communication throughout the method.
The following topics are covered in the course offered:

  1. components of fireplace
  2. fireplace Triangle and polyhedron
  3. Gases
  4.  Liquids
  5.  Solids
  6.  Ignition within the triangle
  7.  Chemical
  8.  Electrical
  9.  Mechanical
  10.  oxygen percentages
  11.  Chain reaction
  12.  Phases and nature of fireplace
  13.  Flammability
  14.  Combustibility
  15.  Phases of fireplace
  16.  early section
  17.  sustained section (flashover)
  18.  Smoldering section (back-draft)
  19.  categories of Fires
  20.  device Basics
  21.  categories of fireplace Extinguishers
  22.  scoring system of fireplace Extinguishers
  23.  Limitations of moveable fireplace Extinguishers
  24.  review and Use of fireplace Extinguishers



Live fireplace fighting through latest technologyof wine bottle is practiced and is one of a kind of fireplace coaching system designed to handle the necessities of an advanced device and hose line coaching. Bolstered construction and rugged parts mean you will run evolution when evolution and hit wine bottle with nearly something in your firefighting arsenal for intense active coaching.

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  • Examination Entry Fees
  • Comprehensive Course Notes
  • Certificate (on productive completion)

Inhouse coaching

This course can even be run in house for up to fifteen persons per course by arrangement


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