Health, Safety & Environment Policy

Gravity Skills acknowledges its international responsibility to our workers, clients, associates,still as our community and also the overall atmosphere. We’ve got set standards for ourselves to handle these necessary problems. We tend to perpetually try to reinforce the service quality of our work to attain our goal of zero accidents, with no lost time or reportable injuries, no environmental incidents, or property injury, and also the smallest environmental footprint
possible. This policy is supported by all stake holders and valid by the involved prime management .We guarantee it’s communicated and adhered until the grass root level, additionally visibly displayed at selected outstanding places among our workplace and facilities. We as Gravity Skills are committed to:

Health and Safety:

Adherence to the present policy

Establishment of H&S procedures specific to our company’s scope of labor and locations

Practice safety the least bit times

Compliance with native regulation and business specific standards

Active management participation and visual watching of code of conduct


Operate our offices with energy potency

Provide a chance to follow waste segregation at supply

Actively promote and monitor employment

Insist on well maintained and environmental friendly work space


A good and accountable neighbor

Being concerned in our community. Initiate welfare and charity campaigns sometimes

Responsibility Transparency and Accountability

The responsibility for leading the manner within the implementation of this policy on the corporate level rests with the business executive, company senior managers and line managers each manager has responsibility for his workers and every one staff have responsibility for themselves, and their team members. Our performance is habitually monitored and reviewed and therefore the feelings square measure conferred to all or any thus we tend to maintain answerableness and transparency thus on promote continues HSE improvement and maintain an understandable and property HSE culture at intervals our organizations. Gravity Skills policy is associate integral a part of Gravity Skills HSEMS