Equal Opportunities Policy

Gravity Skills may be a leading coaching and practice company based mostly in Govt of Asian nation. Our business services involve big selection of HSE & Technical coaching programs similarly as we offer HSE practice on varied oil & gas, organic compound & housing industry activities to our customers and shoppers.

  • Gravity Skills is committed to associate degree in progress policy of providing equal opportunities with no discrimination working against the gender, ethnic background, race, color, creed or belief, minority cluster or persons of any political persuasion
  • Management can actively encourage the harmonization of all personnel and build offered equal opportunities to any or all staff for work coaching and accomplishment altogether areas of the company’s activities and operations
  • Management can advertise new vacancies through the published potential media and can invite. Interview and appoint such candidates on the idea of their expertise, qualification and/or suitableness for the vacancy offered
  • Management can receive and review any complaints from personnel wherever there’s cause for concern over the apple of favoritism (either verbally or by deed) and can initiate an idea of correction to incorporate disciplinary action against the person(s) involved with the explanation for the compliant
  • This is policy of the corporate is applicable { to all or associate degree | to any or all} staff and is an integral condition of all Contracts of Employment
  • The policy of the corporate is equally appli cable to freelance persons and subcontract parties having an immediate written agreement operating relationship with the corporate
    The policy are going to be briefed, created offered and can be effectively communicated to any or all involved personnel and therefore the compliance are going to be reviewed and assessed on regular basis
  • Any non-compliance determined to the policy could lead to serious disciplinary action in accordance to the statement of policy