The difference between OSHA 10 hour training & OSHA 30 hour’s course

The difference between OSHA 10 hour training & OSHA 30 hour’s course

The first and important thing that we need to be asked is what is OSHA 10? And what is the meaning of OSHA 30? Are they connected with each other? What is the main difference between the two? You will get that idea. But before that, we need to understand OSHA 10 which is basically a ten hour training course designed by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration in order to instruct all the workers to recognize and prevent multiple workplace hazards. And OSHA 30 hour’s course is actually a thirty hour safety training course which gives the entire student a more in-depth look into all the workplace hazards and some injury prevention. To understand more, you need to consider the below mentioned points

Difference between OSHA 10 hour training and OSHA 30 hour trainings:

  • Duration of the course one is 10 hour and other is 30 hour duration.
  • In-Depth detail of the study as OSHA 30 hour course will offer more information.
  • OSHA 10 is basically designed for the everyday worker
  • OSHA 30 is just designed for the understanding of supervisors and managers
  • Both courses are easy to take online with the help of professional institution
  • Both courses are easy to take on-site


Now that you are well aware about both courses, so you can simply identify the key differences between these OSHA 10 course and the 30 courses, now it’s up to you that which reliable organization you consider for OSHA 30 hours course that may provide enough information about health and safety hazards. Good with your next training session.



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