Element 1.4

Topic Progress:


1- slips, trip and falls; falls from height; collisions with moving vehicles; striking by
moving, flying or falling objects; striking against fixed or stationary objects.

2- • Smooth floor surfaces that are:

– Inherently slippery (e.g. polished marble).

– Wet because of spills or cleaning operations.

• Contamination of a floor with a slippery contaminant (e.g. fat or leaves).

• Frost and ice (e.g. outside pavements in winter or the floor in a freezer).

• Uneven or loose floor surfaces (e.g. broken paving slab; poorly-laid floor mat).

• Trailing cables (e.g. the flex of a vacuum cleaner).

• Objects on the floor (e.g. a bag left on the floor).

• Steps and stairs